“RAT-TAT” Helping me Understand

Tony (Nathaniel) has a tendency of getting on my case about not loving music the way he does. IMG_2045.JPGHe seems to think I’m wasting my life because I didn’t study music. However, he does appreciate my skill with drums which I learned to play in the high school marching band and on my own while in college. In fact, he remembers one of the first beats I could play and “rat-tats” that to me often. I guess I’m not a complete musical wash. I still play occasionally on a “trap set” in my basement. In fact, when he came to visit me in August of 2010, he preferred to stay in the unfinished basement to be around the drums, electric piano, and other instruments he brought with him from LA. Tony really “Hears the Music.” Maybe not in the way that he did in his youth or while he was a student at Juilliard, but he is still in tune more than you know or could imagine.  Music is truly therapy for my brother.  We both learned a lot from the American Music Therapy Association and the AMTA’s Al Bumanis.  THANK YOU, for what you did for my brother and for me.  I mention the AMTA in nearly every KeyNote I give.    


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