One Man 2 Instruments

This was at the American Music Therapy Association Conference (      in 2009.  It was held in San Diego, California that year and my brother had such a great time, playing music and meeting people who respected him and excepted him for who he was.  As you noticed he is playing alone.  This happened because all the musicians in attendance had to attend the sessions being held throughout the day, so Nathaniel was not going to let that stop him from living in the moment of musical bliss.  He played two instruments alone and enjoyed that moment as well.  He has not stopped talking about that time and he continues to want to do more things of this nature.  For several years following the movie he had the opportunity to do many things, he never thought would happen.  It has slowed down a lot, but he is still hopeful!

Receiving the “Songs from the Heart Award”meant so much to Nathaniel!



  1. Your brother Anthony’s life is music. Listening to him play the trumpet and cello was so engaging and soothing. Watching him express himself through his music (despite the disability) was moving. The honesty with which you write about your brother’s journey and your relationship should help others see the wonderful possibilities. It shows that a disease or disability does not have to stop you from enjoying and sharing your gifts. May God continue to bless Anthony with many more rewarding opportunities to share his music and talents with the world. All who hear his music and his and your story should be inspired.


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