I was honored to be given the opportunity to speak with a group of employees of Fulton County Government, on May 4, 2017 for their Mental Health Week.  It was a cozy and relaxed environment with staff members currently working with youth who have some type of mental health diagnosis.

Before I go on, please accept my apology for such an unrecognizable photo of myself.  My fault, I didn’t really ask anyone to take a photo, so I got this from the person who invited me to speak.  I have to admit that the American Program Bureau has truly spoiled me.  TIMG_2272.JPGhey always handle “everything” down to the tiniest detail, so I never had to be concerned about things like photos and I am thankful.  This event did not go through APB, I spoke as a favor for a friend and for the opportunity to share and “SPEAK OUT.”  Always humbled by an invitation and the chance to offer some type of encouragement to others.

I always feel a little nervous before speaking, yet I fully trust that God will give me the proper words to say that will resonate with the attendees.  No matter who is in attendance, I have the same story with maybe a few updates and I hope to be able to share some good news about my brother’s progress.   As I was speaking I began to wonder if everyone was still with me, it was so quiet.  But I looked into the faces of some and they seemed to be totally tuned in, which made it a little easier for me to open up a little more and share my “truth.”  I shared a short video which is a little dated, yet it shows the progress of Nathaniel during a time in his life that he received so much positive attention.  At the end of my presentation, everyone stood and clapped.  So honored, thankful and so humbled…

Later I received an email, here is a portion:

“Hi Jennifer,                                                                                                                                           It was our pleasure.  I had a staff person let me know that her brother has the same diagnosis as Nathaniel, so she could relate to what you were saying.  I never knew, but when we open up the door for information and dialogue, we find out so much.         Again, thank you so very much.”

That is what it is all about, sharing to get others to see its ok.                                             “Speak Out” and help all “Hear The Music!”





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