Schuye “Sky” LaRue – Is Still A Star

Another story of a young person who was on her way to having a successful career.  She was a basketball STAR for the University of Virginia, making new records and playing great basketball, a good future was right ahead of her.  Suddenly her life just made a complete turn, down a strange road, to a place that no one understood and that is difficult to understand now.  But she does need help.  I posted the documentary from YouTube, which aired today on ESPN.  Her story really begins more toward the middle of the video.  I know this story, even though my brother’s health crisis journey took another route, I can say that his adventure looks the same.

I hope and pray that “Sky,” as she is known in the sports world, will someday want help and that there will be people there to support her, as she travels through this.  With my brother, we learned in a difficult way that we could not force help on him, not on our terms.  We were not always right and it never worked out when we attempted to pushed things upon him that were going against the grain.  It took a LONG time for me to see that I was trying to make him be who “I” wanted him to be, which was the person he was, before becoming ill.  That person is no longer available.  I was in denial for a very long time.   It was a hard lesson.  I am sure that “Sky’s” family is going through the same experience, in some way, wondering what to do and how to help.  If I could tell them anything, I would say: Stay healthy so when “Sky” comes you will be able to help.  Just know that there was nothing you could have done to stop what has happened, it is not your fault, when she is ready for your help she will ask for it, try hard not to judge her, meet her where she is in her life and please be strong.  I know this is not the dream you had for your loved one.  But keep dreaming!

As I watched and listened to the tough story about Schuye “Sky” LaRue, it was mentioned that she had been “in some trouble with the law.”  She went to court back in January of this year and it was ruled that she was competent to stand trial, REALLY?  She has had no medical help, she is sick, not able to make clear decisions, living on the streets in the DC area, where her choice was to sleep outside in the snow in the freezing cold and panhandle.  She could be going to jail.  If she can sentenced to do jail time, why not sentence her to better health?




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