About That Call on 8/14

It was so great hearing from my brother, Nathaniel on Monday, 8/14.  I had been trying to connect with him, but was unable to.  He was always busy.  Once he was right near the phone with his headset on listening to music and did not want to talk, that is so Nathaniel. Don’t interrupt his “groove,’ I learned that a long time ago.  So this call was so special.  He sounded so happy, I could honestly hear his smile.  Hearing him sound so upbeat does my heart good.

At the beach, enjoying life…

He began to share how he is “enjoying,” his daily group sessions!  Trust me that is huge.  He hated group activities at first.  So now, he actually looks forward to them.  He went on to explain that he loves journaling and that the therapist ask him to write about “the first time he fell in love.”  He said, “that was fun.”  For a while he would not listen to CD’s and now he thoroughly enjoys escaping through the sound of music coming from a CD he once hated even the thought of and he is using headphones!  He loves learning about Health Education, Living and Eating healthy, Career Planning and especially enjoys MUSIC THERAPY.   He said, “these are nice people here.”  Do you know how blessed I am to hear him say that?  Knowing that he is feeling secure and cared for.   Thank you, Lord!

AND something else that happened, which has helped him tremendously.  NO MORE SMOKING.  It’s not like I don’t understand how the “smoking crutch” is a tough challenge for many, I do.  Yet, it was so terrible for Nathaniel to exist in a smoke environment.  He is happy because he doesn’t have to take in the second hand smoke, which was making him so sick and caused him to cough.  He is happy that those who were smoking will be living a more healthy life.

Progress for Nathaniel, is progress for all… 






  1. Wonderful report!! Yes, I know how BIG these things are that he now finds to be pleasurable. The journaling, the classes, the music therapy–they do great things for the brain! Thankful that he is in a smoke-free environment. Thanking God with you.

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