Some Kind of Way

So my brother called me today.  I could tell in his voice that he was feeling “some kind of way.”  Not as upbeat as he was on the last call.  I was driving home, using a bluetooth, so I was focused.  I basically just listened to him talk, he felt like reminiscing about his visit here and playing with Peter Marshall from the Atlanta Symphony.  Then he reflected on how he would go to Aspen, Colorado for the music festivals in the summer.  He sounded like he missed those experiences and wanted to relive them.  It was breaking my heart.

I knew when I got home I could surprise him with a special visitor who was waiting for me, our niece Larame.

Finally, I reached the door to the house, walked in and said “hey I have someone for you to speak with.”  “Who is it?”  He asked.  I quietly told Larame who it was and she was excited to say “hello.”  It was great to see her face light up and I knew that he felt better.  The conversation shifted, he changed gears and was traveling a little smoother.  I could tell by her demeanor.

They talked for about twenty minutes.  When I got the phone back I knew that, that call was what he needed to help him get through that moment.  That short call,  that small sacrifice, meant so much to him.

I was so happy that we were able to connect with Nathaniel, and that Larame was a pleasant surprise for him.

When the call ended he still felt “some kind of way,” He felt LOVED!  We love you Nathaniel…


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