What will 2018 bring?  A great question.  Should we worry?  No of course not, however we do have a great deal to be concerned about.  For me, I am always concerned about my brother, who needs healthcare and support, as he continues to journey through the battle of mental illness.  Support has been the “KEY” to Nathaniel’s recovery.  Support is “KEY” to everyone’s recovery no matter what the illness may be.  What I have gone through in my own life and as I witness my brother’s struggle I can certainly say, SUPPORT IS KEY.  You just cannot say it to much.  

Listening to the political battles from the White House and all over the country, can be very unsettling and I ask myself as a lonely voter, do I matter?  Then I realize, YES I do!  But with more support, I can be heard and the concerns we have about people diagnosed with a mental illness can be made a focal point.  That must happen.  We can do this!

What will 2018 bring?  What do we want the year to bring?  I promise to work harder this year to somehow come from behind the scene to make a difference.  I have never made this type of statement to put myself out there, but here I am.  I am in the corner and I have to fight my way out.   I never really wanted to be any other place than in the background and I am still there, but just a little exhausted of trying to figure out what needs to happen next and that is my fault for not being more vocal.

I believe that the president and whoever his staff is to assist or advise him on disability policies and affairs, needs to hear from everyone who believes mental health is important and needs to be treated like any other sickness!  I suggest that we write a letter  as often as we can to let the president and his staff know we are here, as well as our local governments.

I am not a political guru, but I am asking for your support to help me take my desire for those who been diagnosed with a mental illness be heard, respected, have access to support (which is “KEY”) and just simply treated fairly.

I have been working toward making some very necessary changes to the foundation, even a name change and will keep you updated. Our desire is to have most things in place by March 15, 2018 and to be operating in our new format, working toward making a significant difference.

Let’s commit to volunteering at an agency that is serving people with a mental health disease, remember SUPPORT is KEY.  A good place to start to find out how you may volunteer is to contact your local National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI),

I sincerely hope that 2018 will bring you great success in whatever you choose to do and I hope you choose to in some way support those who have a mental illness through either directly or indirectly working with an agency near you.

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