Thank you, Kevin Love

Thank you, Kevin for sharing your story. You are a brave man. I wished that Delonte West would have received the same type of support. I do not know the circumstances of his health, but I have read about it. The timing was bad for him. May God bless you Kevin and may God bless Delonte, wherever he may be.  As a Cleveland native and CAVS Fan, I hope that they have learned something from this and provide support for their team mate and maybe even consider reaching out to some of the Mental Health Facilities there to offer support.  I remember years ago my brother used to frequent Murtis Taylor for help and I was fortunate enough to briefly speak at The Life Exchange Center’s inaugural benefit dinner.  Both of those agencies provide good services to the Cleveland communities.  I am sure that it was difficult for you to “Speak Out” about what you were going through because of all the stigma attached to any type of mental illness.  I am so glad you spoke up.  Please don’t let it die down, so many people need your voice and you will grow from this release and freedom!  “LOVE to Love.”


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