Folks let me apologize for not posting, in a while.  I’ve been a little busy attempting to finalize my manuscript to share with you.  My new eBook will be released very soon!  I haven’t been as fortunate as some others with a book deal.  You see I’m not discussing a popular subject.  I have journaled for years oh and blotted on sticky notes, written poetry, short stories, and so on.  It was one way I handled watching my brother try to navigate through life as a person who was diagnosed with a mental illness.  I’m telling you I have learned so much from him and who the real problem is and trust it is not him.

I will leave the door open for your input and continuously add to the story.

The title of my eBook is, “Hear The Music.”


Thank you for your support and thank you to my editor, CassPRICE Inc.  We have a lot more to write about.

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