So Long Ago

Yes, it has been such a long time ago since I last blogged, MAY!  I have been so very busy and many changes have occurred in my life.  As for my book, Thankfully it is now in the hands of a publisher.  YAY!

It is not a very long publication, yet it is so important.  It is the beginning to more to come.  In my next book I will be asking for you to contribute.  So get ready!  We have work to do.

My brother is doing well, he called me about a week ago twice in a row and we did a 3 way call on one call to Mr. Harry Barnoff, his former music teacher from The Cleveland Music Settlement and on the other to our cousin Darryl.  He was so full of life and I could see his smile even though he was miles away.  I think we all hung up from those calls feeling very blessed.

Thank you all for your support and love.


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