Just thinking about when my brother was first diagnosed with a mental health condition, so many years ago. It is something you cannot forget.

I remember how he used to walk the streets even in the cold, wind, rain or hot sun and how it was so very hard to keep up with him. When it was cold in Ohio, I worried so much because the below zero temperatures were not a joke.  To put it simply, they were brutal!  All my family could do was pray that he was ok and found shelter to stay warm. There were times that I would attempt looking for him and even if I found him it did not mean he would want to be in my company. God held on to him, He protected Nathaniel through some extremely tough times. Probably situations that it’s best we do not know about. I say this because of how, as time has gone by I would hear him say things about how he was treated on the streets. Breaks my heart.

Thank God he lives a different life now and has a support system, his friend Steve and others. But there are families going through the same thing everyday!

Today across the states there are unbearably cold temperatures. Unusually cold weather. I have heard 50 degrees below zero in some areas!

So where are the homeless? Where are those who have a brain disease AND homeless? There just does not seem to be enough space or places to provide a way out. I learned from my brother that somehow when people are sick and unstable because they do not have an address they make a way to survive, not only the weather but the streets as well.

I’ll be putting together a drive to provide “survival packages” to take to an agency that deals directly with the homeless and mentally ill. It may not happen for this season of bad weather, but I know it’s never too late. Sad but true.

I will post this effort and hope you will be able to support the effort.

Thank you!


  1. Survival packages for those with a mental health condition and forced to live on the streets is a wonderful idea. Please keep us posted with updates when you start this initiative, and let us know how we can help.


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