The Soloist on Netflix – Ten Year Anniversary

It will be the 10th year anniversary of The Soloist, this April.  It is such a blessing to see how the film still touches the heart of so many people.  What I am most grateful for is how it changed my brother’s life, because he now has a wonderful support system and a dear friend, Steve.  Something that was not there 10 years ago, in the way that it is currently. He is in recovery (mental health) and he knows it.  He is a senior citizen now and STILL the most courageous man I have ever known.  I was at the office today and two police officer’s were there discussing Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).  One officer mentioned that he uses The Soloist during his training with his police for CIT.  A manager mentioned, “Nathaniel’s sister is here.”  The conversation I had with him was humbling.  He was so glad to meet me and I was just as glad to know that he felt the movie made a difference in his life.  Enough that he continues to show clips from it to train officers to gain a better understanding about mental health.  I gave him a DVD of the movie and you would have thought I had given him a pot of gold.  My heart is full and I am extremely grateful.

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  1. Hi there, I watched the film through Netfix and immediately wanted to know how Nathaniel was doing today…. I am so happy to see this blog & want to let you know that the film was a great story. I do send blessings & am glad to hear he is all well. He is an intelligent soul & I am glad I have watched the film, as it has made me more mindful of others.. I am sure the film sparks more interest. God bless.


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