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Greetings all:

Currently we are working very hard to improve and update the foundation.  There is such a huge need for services and support for mental health.  You may have noticed that the name on the FaceBook Page has been changed from the “Nathaniel Anthony Ayers Foundation” to “The Ayers Foundation.”  We are restructuring our goals and enhancing our mission, to reach out to a broader spectrum in the mental health community.  We still plan to support the artistically gifted, however we realize that it goes much deeper than that.  It is important for the talented to be able to showcase their talents but it is just as important for them to have support for their illness and the families of those with a mental health condition need support also.

For us to be successful we need your support.

Right now, I would like to ask you to visit my blog, to get there just click on this link:

The more visits we have on the blog the more it improves our chances to receive earnings from the traffic.  We are going to need it because we are starting all over.

When you visit the blog, please make a comment, like the blog site and sign up to get posts.  Please think of it as a way to be a part of helping to be supportive and to help all “HearTheMusic!”

Thank you for your support!


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