MAY “It Ain’t Over”

Yes, May is Mental Health Awareness month, but do we stop caring in June?  NO WAY!  We are just getting started.  I know I always suggest that you volunteer with an agency in your area because they need your support.  Well it is so very true, volunteer support is so very important.  I work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and I see that there is NO WAY they could be as successful without volunteer support.  And I am sure there is a NAMI office and affiliates in your area.  Just to get started.

Not only can you volunteer with them, they offer Peer and Family support through classes and group meetings.  Become a member of NAMI, get acquainted with your affiliates, and then you can receive FREE training to continue to help yourself and others grow to understand the nature of mental illness and mental health.

Use this link to find out more –

Hear The Music!

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