I Met Barbara Today

This morning I went for a walk in the park.  As I started I realized I left my water in the car, so I turned around to go back to get it.  When I got to the fence there was an elderly woman coming through with a walker, so I stepped to the side.  Suddenly the lady reached for my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, “Hi I am Barbara.”  I knew she had alzheimer’s from her behavior.  She had the sweetest spirit.  I said “Hi Ms. Barbara, my name is Jennifer, so nice to meet you.”  She then kissed my hand and gave me the biggest smile.

I cannot even explain how much that meant to me.  I held back my tears, but my heart was so full.  Ms. Barbara said, “that’s my son and that’s my daughter.”  She actually said their names.  Funny, but I forgot them.  I pat the son on the shoulder and said, “thank you.”  He said, “gotta take care of mom.”  I said, “Indeed.”  Later on the track I saw the daughter and said, “your mom is so sweet.”  She smiled, and said, “thank you.”  I said, “what a blessing.”  It was like she thought about it for a second and said as if she just realized the truth and said, “yes, yes it is a blessing.”

That was my reason for being at the park.  Yes I walked, (needed that), but I met Barbara her children and heard her daughter realize, “it is a blessing.”

I am so very thankful!

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