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spider-verse group pic.pngJEFFREY J. PHELPS, Artist

Jeffrey Phelps (aka Jeffanime) – is a freelance digital illustrator and a Manga artist with Asperger syndrome.  Phelps lives in Cleveland, Ohio and studied at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.

Jeffrey is known for his meticulous vivid digital art style.  Phelps believes that his carefully detailed illustrations will always display his creative abilities as a professional digital illustrator.

The first step in Phelps approach is to figure out the best way of conveying the message, so he thinks about composition, color combinations, and the overall mood needed to complete the project.  Like many artists, Phelps prefers drawing by hand to start off his images, creatively defining the lines and art form. He works mostly digitally using Clip Studio Paint to create his artwork and Photoshop for some special effects.

Jeffrey Phelps is driven by his passion for art, love of animation, and his persistence to learn new techniques. These are things that energizes him and are qualities that shine through in his illustrations.

pool cleaning fa.pngsarah selfie.pngdetective pikachu 2.pngcommission future wasteland alt.png

Check out Jeffery’s work on his website, https://www.deviantart.com/jeffanime and on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.phelps2


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