Joanne on Piano

This is from 10 years ago.  Thank you Joanne Pierce Martin for not only then, but so many other moments along the way, for sacrificing your time to just be there to share your talent with Nathaniel.  He loves you and Gavin.  We know that he struggled with his music because of his health, but he had and has so much passion and love for music.  Because of that you understood he was giving it his all and he has never given up!

Yesterday, Steve contacted me to let me know Nathaniel was in the hospital and I had to call around to find out what was going on.  FINALLY, I spoke with Nathaniel, and he sounded fine.  He is not the hospital kind of guy.  He was ready to go, said he “felt better,” and I could hear nervousness in his voice.  So please pray for my brother and please know that we are still out here trying to make a difference.



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