About Tammy​, Part 1

It has now been about 3 months since I met Tammy.  We met because she attended a training that I was responsible to set up for family members who have loved ones with a mental health condition.

Tammy was preoccupied because her daughter was having some challenges.  What I saw in Tammy that day really touched my heart.  She was trying so very hard to stay focused on the training and at the same time take the influx of calls coming in from her daughter.  It touched my heart so deeply, knowing that her daughter was ill and she was doing all she could to be there for her.  After all, she was in training to gain a better understanding of mental health conditions and yet she had to make time for her daughter.  I could see that her heart was aching, but I admired how she pressed on to get through the weekend.  I saw unconditional love in action through Tammy for Danielle.

I will always pray for their well being and for the best outcomes for their entire family.  I never met Danielle, but I know she is a special young lady, I hope she knows what a wonderful mother she has and that she loves her so much.

Tammy sent me a video of her daughter doing an open mic event reciting a poem she wrote, which was so enlightening.  She gave me permission to post it, but unfortunately, the format is not allowing me to post it.  I will figure it out and call the video post “About Tammy, Part 2.”


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