Introducing the “Hear The Music” Podcast

Check out my podcast, Hear The Music, on Anchor!

Like I have expressed so many times before, we have to keep pushing forward, especially with what is going on in our world today. This podcast it an avenue to have honest discussions about your experiences with loved ones who have a mental health condition.

My hope and prayer is that your loved is being cared for and is safe. Sometimes hope and prayer is all we have. But sharing with others can be helpful.

All we ask is that you be respectful, kind and courteous. Yes, problems may arise, but let’s work toward the solution. Let’s share information to help and build one another up. If we can agree to this, we will build a community of support.

Family members of someone who has a mental health condition are so often judged unfairly and forgotten about.

So here we are building something to help each other, ” HEAR THE MUSIC!”

With love and respect,



  1. Beautifully done!! Thank you Tradae for sharing your story and explaining what anxiety and depression can look like to those who may be struggling and unaware. Your willingness to speak out is no doubt helping others in giving them encouragement to reach for help. And thank you Jennifer for providing this podcast and for all you have done and continue to do for NAMI!


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