How are you?


A sign of OK…

Just checking in with you to find out how you are doing?  Respond with your status, like “we are doing well,” or a SHORT statement to indicate what’s happening in your life.  If you need help state that, and you never know who is close by.  Keep in mind the current situation of staying home and distancing, but maybe someone would be willing to drop off some milk, or can goods, leaving the items at your door.  Take a look at the photo.  This is what a neighborhood in Seattle did for seniors.  Maybe you can do the same thing where you are located.  Just a thought to keep us connected.

Loneliness can be very hurtful to a person with a mental health condition or to someone already living alone and used getting out as part of their routine, even going to work.  Unfortunately, many have lost their jobs, so not only is that routine gone, financial sustainability is temporarily gone.   We cannot always offer monetary support, but let’s think of ways to help people close by and people who are confined.

Also, consider sending “thank you notes” to those who work in hospitals of all types, including those for people with a mental health condition.

God bless America, God bless us all over the world!

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