A Conversation with Filmmaker Cristóbal “Cris” Krusen, Episode 2

Cristóbal “Cris” Krusen

Welcome back to Another Episode of The Hear The Music Podcast

Please continue to listen to my conversation with Cris Krusen. In this episode Cris elaborates on the onset of his son’s illness, additionally he shares more about the film The Puzzle Factory and what prompted and inspired him to take on the production of this extremely important independant film. We start right where we left off, so please relax for a few moments and jump in to join us. Let’s help all HEAR THE MUSIC.

Episode 2 – A Conversation with Filmmaker Cristóbal “Cris” Krusen

To contact Cris, please go to his website listed below:


Your support for The Puzzle Factory will be welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for tuning in, please join us again in two weeks for another episode.

1 Comment

  1. I identify with his heart and your’s, Jennifer, that the message of this film be given a chance. Thank you, Chris Krusen, for the tremendous effort you are making to get this film produced and may your efforts be rewarded in a big way!


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