A Conversation with Rebecca Lyn Phillips, “In The Light”

Claire Phillips and Rebecca Phillips

Over ten years ago, I received an email from Rebecca (right), she had gone to see the movie The Soloist, with a friend.  The film is about my brother Nathaniel and his newfound very unlikely friendship with a Los Angeles Times journalist.  She was so moved by the simple fact that someone ventured out to do such a film, that depicted a friendship of support for a man who has a mental health condition, one she is familiar with because she shares the same diagnosis, schizophrenia.  She was so moved that she went back to see the movie again two more times, by herself.  We began to communicate, by phone, email, and social media.  Over the years I can easily say that Rebecca, her mother Claire and I, are three people who have also developed an unlikely friendship, which is based on truth, reality, support for each other, love, and oh the appreciation of a good cup of coffee.  In this Hear The Music episode you will hear Rebecca’s “music” as it relates to events in her life that were dark moments, but she made it through and is standing TALL, she turned the darkness into a light to help others.  She has turned those tough times into a way to shine. She certainly has been an inspiring light for me.  


  1. Rebecca & Claire speak at each of our Family 2 Family workshops. They give the family members hope that mental illness does not have to be the end of the road. They inspire hope in these families. Claire helps us teach the Family 2 Family workshop. We are so fortunate to have both of them on our team to fight the stigma of mental illness.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Rebecca and Claire are great examples of what support can look like. What they do works for them and truly displays that recovery can happen. THANK YOU for being a part of Family 2 Family! Your support means so much to the participating families. God bless you!


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