Going To Miss You

I met this nice young lady at work, she was kind, friendly and meek. As time went on we began to talk more and share stories. She even attempted at help me with my book. I truly appreciate what she contributed. Well, I was offered a “LEAD” position which took me to another store, so we did not talk as often, yet we stayed in touch through social media. In fact, she would read this note, send a “like” or make a comment. But now she is gone, she passed away July 2nd. Everyone was so shocked, including me. No one really has any answers to the “what happened?” She was ill at work earlier that week, but I was told that she had began to feel better and preparing to go on a vacation to spend time with her family. Scheduled to leave that weekend.

My former manager drove out to my new location (40 minutes away) to tell me the news. She did not want to text or tell me on the phone. The entire store is just devastated and though I have not been over there I can imagine how sad and drab it must be. Cassi was so sweet and took care of business. She often would encouraged me with my writing and would acknowledge my posts.

I already miss not seeing her comments, her last “like” was only a few days before she passed. I still see her name come up and it makes me sad.

Rest In Peace and Heaven my friend…

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