Able Arts Work, Inc. – FUNDRAISER

Almost ten years ago I started meeting some incredible people because of my brother’s willingness to share his life and health to the world, of course you know about the book and movie, The Soloist.  Some say its “old news,” however we are talking about my dear sweet brother and his story is extremely important and new everyday.  It will NEVER get old!  Many of the people I met were Music Therapist or in school to become therapist.  My brother and I even attended The 2009 American Music Therapy Association Conference in San Diego.  It was a very memorable experience.  I became a true believer in how music therapy is so valuable, especially since I was able to witness what those few days did for my brother.  He had a great time and talked about it for years and still ask about Al Bumanis, AMTA, who gave him a beautiful acoustic guitar.

Eventually we met Dr. Ron Borczon of California State University, Northridge and Helen Dolas of Able Arts Work, Inc.  They have a very special bond and work together to help the students at Northridge understand what Music therapy does for so many, including my brother.  Ron even volunteered to work with Nathaniel through music therapy and Helen allowed The Ayers Foundation (under reconstruction) to sponsor a birthday party for Nathaniel at their location in Long Beach.  It was amazing and it was such a blessing to see some very special people enjoy MUSIC, pizza, cake and ice cream.  It was easy to see the happiness in that moment for everyone, the air was full of love and respect.

Because of what Able Arts Work, Inc (formerly Arts & Services for Disabled) does and has done for Nathaniel I have started a fundraiser on my Facebook page for my birthday, which is May 5th.  We are attempting to raise $700, which is really not a lot of money, however it will be very helpful in getting supplies to allow some very special people the opportunity to participate in an artistic activity.  Also they will provide Nathaniel with an art gift box.  So far through the kindness of my Facebook family and friends we are currently at $305.00, as of April 9, 2018.

Since most of you are not listed as a “friend” on my Facebook page we hope that you will click onto and then click the DONATE button and indicate that your donation is for “Jennifer’s birthday.”  Your donation will be added to the total and of course it is tax-deductible through Able Arts Work.

UPDATE: You can now also click the donate button but please just indicate that your donation is for “Jennifer’s Birthday,” so that Able Arts Work can properly apply your donation. Thank you again.

Please help…

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