A Conversation with Filmmaker Cristóbal “Cris” Krusen


A wonderful two-part conversation with Cris Krusen.  This is part one, listen to understand how this filmmaker ventures out to tell the story of his son Daniel and the long journey of his mental health condition and recovery.  In part two learn more about his new film The Puzzle Factory, which highlights Daniel’s journey, as well as his own, as a caregiver.

Cris Krusen, Founder and President of Messenger Films, Inc.




  1. I’m blessed that God brought me to your site. I feel your pain. I remember raising my son, mamas boy, the first time he stood in his crib, his first bicycle wreck… People are so quick to judge instead of understand.


    1. Hi Stacy, I am so glad that God led you here as well. I don’t really consider my journey with my brother as “pain,” at least not anymore however since you are a Mom of a young man who has a mental health condition, I do understand – having watched my mother. Yes, there is so much that you do not have the answers for as a parent or a sibling. You always want the best for your loved one and then mental health kind of sneaks in the back door. It took a long time for me to have a better understanding of how I can be more supportive. I really had to take care of myself first and stop trying to make my brother be who I wanted him to be and allow him to express himself the way he needed to, for who is was and is. It is hard and it is not always easy to see some of the things that he goes through as an intelligent and talented classical musician. Are you a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)?


  2. I enjoyed your conversation very much and the heartfelt stories that touched MY heart. Thank you for sharing so that we can learn to show respect and compassion for those with mental health issues.

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