Still Going and So Much To Do

Lately there has been a great deal of talk about mental health and it has been because of two brave young ladies who stepped out to say, in so many words “I need to take care of myself.”

Oh my, the backlash was so very interesting. Some wonderful comments and support for the both of them, yet the lack of understanding or compassion was apparent as well. So what do we do? Keep talking about it of course and pray that more people will, “Hear the Music!”

Just yesterday, I came into contact with a man who was going through some mental health challenges, and it was difficult to get information from him to contact his family or support system. We were in a store and he had began to bring his possessions with him. I could see that because we were being kind and attempting to help him, he was going to make his visits more often and soon he would have called – sitting under the store tent display, “home.”

It was so tough to get him to talk and share, as I tried it became more apparent that there was multiple things going on with him and homelessness may have been one issue. But I noticed that his clothes were relatively clean and he had on nice shoes. So I am thinking that someone is taking care of him. He just could not seem to relay that information to me. I really tried to find out who to call. In the meantime he had a small mess under the tent and two other male coworkers were trying to assist, they met him first. Neither of us wanted to call the police, yet as sad as it made me, I knew that may have been the only recourse. After about 45 minutes of attempting to communicate, I said “we do not want to call the police, please help us contact your family or caregiver.” The word “police” was a trigger and he took off running. We did follow him outside and I approached the security man riding in the parking lot and asked, “Do you know if the police Department out here has a mental health intervention team?” The expression on his face told me all I needed to know. He did not know what I was referring too, he did call his supervisor, she actually came to the store and spoke with one of the guys that was there and he said “she was very concerned.” I do not know if he will come back, at this point all that can be done is to notify mental health care in the area, law providers and pray for his safety and health. So much work has to be done in mental health.

I am planning a Mental Health Awareness Golf Tournament. Tying together two entities that are important to me that seem to be “miles a part!” I will need plenty of help and sponsors. Yes, it will be great to play golf in a fun format, but even better distribute quality information and raise funds to continue with the “SOCKS ON” Campaign and do more to bring about a better understanding. I was very fortunate to be able to present as a KeyNote speaker to many events, recently I did a virtual presentation for Capital One, they were amazing, I hope they will support the Tournament & you too!

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