Here We Go

Greetings everyone, as mentioned in several posts we were having an issue with Facebook. The page, from what is understood will be deleted May 1, 2022. We will have to start all over. So the over 2,000 people who have “liked’ the page will go away. It is sad because in spite of how little has been posted lately, you still hung in there. We have not spoken to anyone from Facebook but we did get a notice indicating that we needed to download our old Information. Well we believe we have done that, we will see. Unfortunately, there is not really any clarity on how to make the transition, but we will do our best. This is all happening just when we do want to share more and hear more from you. It is a process.

We hope that you will “friend” us again and keep the conversations about mental health and wellness going. Let’s keep sharing.

Let’s help all, “Hear The Music” and StopStigma!

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